severe [sə vir′]
severer, severest [< MFr < OFr < L severus, prob. < se-, apart (see SECEDE) + IE base * wer-, (to be) friendly > OE wær, faith, pledge, bond (of friendship)]
1. harsh, strict, or highly critical, as in treatment; unsparing; stern
2. serious or grave; forbidding, as in expression or manner
3. serious or grievous [a severe wound]
4. conforming strictly to a rule, method, standard, etc.; rigidly accurate or demanding [a severe philosophy]
5. extremely plain or simple; unornamented; restrained [a dress with severe lines]
6. keen; extreme; intense [severe pain]
7. difficult; rigorous; trying [a severe test]
SYN.- SEVERE applies to a person or thing that is strict and uncompromising and connotes a total absence of softness, laxity, frivolity, etc. [a severe critic, hairdo, etc. ]; STERN1 implies an unyielding firmness, esp. as manifested in a grim or forbidding aspect or manner [a stern guardian ]; AUSTERE suggests harsh restraint, self-denial, stark simplicity [the austere diet of wartime ], or an absence of warmth, passion, ornamentation, etc. [an austere bedroom ]; ASCETIC implies extreme self-denial and self-discipline or even, sometimes, the deliberate self-infliction of pain and discomfort, as by religious fanatics [an ascetic hermit ] -ANT. MILD, LAX, INDULGENT

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